Formatting – The Basics

These are simplified instructions of Hanken formatting and are tied to the Swedish only Course 0001. As such the simplified instructions are available in English and can be used to learn the basics. The basics are a direct translation of the Swedish course which is reflected in certain sections of these instructions (such as the cover page). The basics are meant only to serve as a stepping stone in order to use the Advanced Skills in the Formatting guide.

0. Download Microsoft Word.

Hankens students can download for free Microsoft Word to their computer. Instructions are found in the link.

1. Check that the settings are correct

1.1 Activate formating symbols so that you can better see what you are doing.

1.2 Check that your page sizes are correct.

1.3 Put in correct paragraphs.

1.4 Change the styles of the Word document.

Note: Remember to save the settings when you close MS Word for the first time after you made these changes. Word will ask if you want to save the settings. If you do not choose to save Word will not remember your changes during your next session!

2. Cover Page

Create a cover page.

Download Hanken logo.

Note: Remember to save when you close MS Word for the first time after you made the cover page. Word will then remember your cover page in the future.

3. Sections

Make sure the sections are correct!

Leave an empty page for the Table of Contents! The table of contents is between the cover page and your text. It is recommended that the table is created afterwords when you have completed your text for the purpose of this course.

4. Page Numbers

Put in page numbers.

5. Write in your text

When you write your text remember to cite your sources correctly! Hankens Swedish referencing rules are found here.

The reference list comes last in your text! As long as you have two headlines (assignments) which are part of the same document even if the other assignment does not use references the reference list will come after both assignments/headlines!

6. Number and format your headlines

6.1 Format your headlines in the correct style. This is exceptionally important that if you do not use the correct heading for your headlines your table of contents will not display correct information!

6.2 Activate the numbering so that your headings will automatically have a number.

7. Create a Table of Contents

Create and update your table of contents.