Journal article

A journal article reference includes article author, year and the article title. Also include journal title and publication details. The journal title is written in italics. Journal volume, number and pagination can be noted in different ways. Choose a model and use it consistently throughout your paper.

Reference list

Author, Initial (Year). Article title. Journal title. Volume, number, start and end page.

Rel van A., Liljander V. & Jurriёns P. (2001). Exploring consumer evaluations of e-services: A portal site. International Journal of Service Industry Management, vol. 12, no. 4, p. 359−377.

Björk, B-C., Laakso, M., Welling, P. & Paetau, P. (2014). Anatomy of green open access.  Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 65 (2), 237-250.

Bouwhuis, S. (2007). Leadership Harvard style. Australian Journal of Public Administration, 66, 4, 507−511.



When citing e-articles, the reference is formed the same way as when citing printed articles. An article in a licensed database is usually cited the same way as if it was published in a printed journal. If the article is published in an open access journal or is published in a university publication archive, you should add the URL and date of access to facilitate for the reader if he/she wishes to access the article.

Most e-articles have been assigned a DOI-number (Digital object identifier). This number is an identification number corresponding with ISBN- and ISSN-numbers of printed material. If your source has a DOI-number, add it to your list of references. If you add a DOI-number you don’t need to add the name of the database or date of access, as the DOI-number is a permanent link.

Reference list

Author, Initial (Year). Article title. Journal title. Year of publication, volume, number, start and end pages. Available from: URL. Accessed date.

Devlin, M. (2006). Policy, preparation, and prevention: proactive minimization of student plagiarism. Journal of Higher Education Policy & Management 28, 1, 45-48. Available from: EBSCO Business Source Complete. Accessed 30 September 2014.

Fine, C. & Rush, E. (2018). “Why Does all the Girls have to Buy Pink Stuff?” The Ethics and Science of the Gendered Toy Marketing Debate. Journal Of Business Ethics, 149(4), pp. 769-784. doi:10.1007/s10551-016-3080-3

Woodbine, G. F. & Liu, J. (2010). Leadership styles and the moral choice of internal auditors. Electronic Journal of Business Ethics and Organization Studies 15, 1, 28-35. Available from: Accessed 10 June 2010.

In-text reference

(Woodbine & Liu 2010, p. 31)

(Devlin 2006, p. 47)


Newspaper article

To cite a newspaper article is almost the same as to cite a journal article. If the article is signed, the author is the main entry, followed by year, article title, newspaper title and publication date. If the article has no author, the main entry is the article title and date of publication. If the article is available on the newspaper or journal web page, add URL and date of access.

Reference list

Author, Initial (Year). Article title. Newspaper title. Date of publication.

Forbes, S. (2021). End the lockdowns now. Forbes 20 April 2021.

Employers are the new Covid cops (2021) Bloomberg Businessweek 31.5. 021. Available from: Accessed 22 June 2021.

In text citation

 … (Forbes 2021) …

Due to the Corona pandemic employees… … (Employers are the…2021)