Conference publications

Conference publications are papers or posters presented at a conference, symposium, meeting or a congress and then published in the conference proceedings.  Conference proceedings often contain presentations of new research results.

In-text citation

According to some researchers (Gunawan & Sari 2021 p. 687) the corona pandemic has…

Reference list

Surname, Initial. (Year). Title of conference presentation. In: Title of the conference proceedings: Title of the conference.  Place of conference, country, dates of conference, page numbers of the presentation. Available: Permanent link (DOI, URN, Handle etc.) or URL.  Accessed: date.

If e.g. the place of the conference is not easily found, it can be left out of the reference.

Gunawan, G.H. & Sari, W. P. (2021). Marketing Communications During the 2020 Pandemic: Case Study of The Star Fit Grand Paragon. In: Proceedings of the International Conference on Economics, Business, Social, and Humanities (ICEBSH 2021) Available from: Accessed 18.05.2022