When you are paraphrasing you use the content or thoughts of another author and rewrite them in your own words. You can choose to emphasize  the author or what he/she wrote.

If you emphasize who says something the authors name is placed in the text outside the int-text reference.

According to Huddleston and Minahan (2011, p. 51) there are five different shopper types.

If you, on the other hand, want to emphasize what is being said you place the author’s name in the in-text citation.

Of the five different shopper types, the lone browser is the most…( Huddleston & Minahan 2011, p. 51).

Placing the period when paraphrasing

If the citation consists of only the previous sentence, the punctuation mark is placed after the in-text reference:

One useful tool for performance appraisal is the SWOT-analysis (Addabbo et al. 2020, p. 62).

If the citation covers the previous paragraph or several sentences, the punctuation mark is placed before the brackets.

Your sources show that you have read all the important sources and have a deep knowledge of your subject. This way your paper is anchored in previous research and give credit to the work of other researchers. However, remember to be critical with your information retrieval. Your sources should be reliable and relevant and at the same time objective and impartial. This way you attain the requirements of academic writing. (Bryman 2015, p. 71; Zacharias 2014, p. 85; Webley 2001, p. 76).