Corporate authors

Sometimes an organization (e.g. authorities, firms, conferences) is the author of a publication. The official name of an organization is spelled out in full, however well-known abbreviations can also be used. In the first in-text citation, spell out the entire name and the abbreviation in brackets after the name. I any further in-text citations you may use the abbreviation only.

 In-text citation

Micro and small businesses were the majority… (Official statistics of Finland 2021, p. 2).

The report concludes that … (United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNESDA) 2005).

And next time

According to UNESDA (2005) …

Reference list

 If you are citing a publication with an organization as author, and you have used an established abbreviation/contraction of the organization’s name, use the official name in full followed by the abbreviation in brackets.

United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNESDA) (2005). 6th Global forum on reinventing government: towards participatory and transparent governance. Seoul, Republic of Korea 24-27.5.2005. New York: United Nations.

Official statistics of Finland (2021). Statistics of business subsidies 2020 (2021). Helsinki: Statistics Finland. Available from: Accessed 28.4.2021.